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  • Get yourself acquainted with Textile, the humane web text generator which comes with Textpattern? The basics are simple. If you want to learn more about Textile, you can dig into an extensive manual later.
  • Be guided through your Textpattern first steps by completing some basic tasks?
  • Study the Textpattern Semantic Model
  • Add "another user":/textpattern/index.php?event=admin, or extend the capabilities with "third party plugins":/textpattern/index.php?event=plugin you discovered from the central plugin directory at "Textpattern Resources":http://textpattern.org/?
  • Dive in and learn by trial and error? Then please note: ** When you "write":/textpattern/index.php?event=article an article you assign it to a section of your site. ** Sections use a "page template":/textpattern/index.php?event=page and a "style":/textpattern/index.php?event=css as an output scaffold. ** Page templates use HTML and Textpattern tags (like this: ) to build the markup. ** Some Textpattern tags use "forms":/textpattern/index.php?event=form, which are building blocks for reusable snippets of code and markup you may build and use at your discretion. Zu den "FAQs":http://textpattern.com/faq/ to help you get started. "Textpattern tags":http://textpattern.com/textpattern-tag-reference, their attributes and values are as well explained as sampled at the "User Documentation":http://textpattern.net/, where you will also find valuable tips and tutorials. If all else fails, there's a whole crowd of friendly, helpful people over at the "Textpattern support forum":http://forum.textpattern.com/. Come and pay a visit!

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  1. Donald Swain

    I enjoy your site very much.

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